Top 10 Fire Safety Tips

If a fire starts then life is in danger. These tips can help prevent fires from starting and also help you to escape if a fire does start.

1.Early Alerts Save Lives

One of the biggest lifesavers is time. The earlier you are alerted to a fire the more time you have to get out of your house before the fire takes hold. Therefore fit smoke alarms in every room of your house except for the kitchen and bathroom.

Test all alarms are working on a regular basis. A fire alarm that does not work is just the same as not having one.

2.Close All Doors

Close all doors at night. This will help to slow a fire and give you extra time to escape.

3.Smoking Kills

Smoking leads directly or indirectly to 3,750 fires in the home each year. Make sure you always put out a cigarette completely and never smoke in bed. This is because of the danger of falling asleep with the cigarette still alight.

4.Keep Materials Away From Children

Keep lighters, matches and candles out of reach and out of sight of children. Never leave a child on their own in a room where a candle is burning.

5.Danger in the Kitchen

The kitchen is an obvious source of danger. Take great care with tea towels around the cooker. Cooking oil is the source of many kitchen fires. Using a deep fat fryer increases safety.

6.Plan Your Escape Route

Have a plan of how to escape if a fire breaks out. Once your children are old enough to understand the plan discuss it with them so they know what to do in case of an emergency.

7.Keep Paths to Exists Clear

Make sure the paths to all exits are kept clear. If an exit is blocked by fire you will need all alternative escape routes and exits to be clear as well.

8.Know Where Your Keys Are

Keep any keys in a place where you know where to find them easily. I would suggest keeping keys relatively near to the door or window they open. You may not be able to go into a different room to get a key to an exit.

9.Care With Electricity

Overloading electrical sockets is dangerous. Only use one plug per socket.

10.Switch Off - Unplug

Switch off and unplug electrical appliances. Leaving appliances on standby increases the risk of fire.

In addition always try to ensure you buy goods that are flame resistant.

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