How to Survive a Major Renovation Project

Are you set to embark on a large-scale renovation project? If so, you'll undoubtedly want a stress-free experience. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be easier said than done. Yet, it doesn't have to be. Read our helpful advice on how to survive a major renovation project.

Find the Right Builder

Any homeowner wanting to experience a seamless renovation project will need to quickly find a builder in their neighborhood. Not only must they provide a competitive quote to reduce your expenditure, but you must also hire a builder based on their ability to provide the best advice and results for a project. A good builder will be able to provide you with testimonials that confirm good craftsmanship and character. Check out the validity of the testimonials, a little time spent doing so will save your tears and money in the long run. Do not hire the first builder that you meet. It is wise to have three or four quotes from different firms. The cheapest option is not always the best. You want to pay for craftsmanship and a quality end result.

A Construction Contract

The last thing you'll want is for a project to spiral out of control. Keep a tight control of your time and finances by creating a construction contract. Ask a contractor, architect or designer to sign a written agreement that outlines the work that needs to be performed, the price and timescale. You should also include any products you require to be used and the desired finish. Note end dates of tasks on your calendar so that you are able to ensure that the schedule is adhered to. Challenges will crop up, as they always do, but by being aware of any potential delays you can reschedule activities accordingly.

Prepare for Dust

Dust, dirt and debris are unavoidable parts of the renovation process, whatever preventative measures you put in place. It might therefore be beneficial to make alternative living arrangements until the building work is complete, especially if you have children. You can also prevent dust from spreading to different areas across the home by closing doors to different rooms. Speak to a builder about potential dust, as they might be more than happy to use dust protection sheets to prevent dirt spreading from room to room. It is a good idea to purchase an inexpensive vacuum cleaner that you can use specifically for building the dust and debris; this way you can keep your more expensive home vacuum cleaner damage free from the heavy dust, and you can simply throw away the cheaper one once the work is completed.

Monitor a Renovation Project

Don't be afraid to check in on the renovation work from time to time. This will ensure you are happy with the quality of a builder's work, so you aren't disappointed by the finished result. We do, however, recommend dropping in before or after a working day, which will prevent your presence from slowing down the project's progress. You need to be on site to answer any questions that may arise from your building work. Your builder may have a question about the width of a nonstandard door way, for example, or have unearthed an architectural feature that you may want to keep.

We also recommend arranging a weekly scheduled meeting with the builder or designer, to provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss potential problems, and so that you're continually kept in the loop with the renovation.

Avoid Making Changes

The smallest change could cost you a considerable amount of money. All those little alterations can result in a spiraling budget, and they could also lead to time delays. You must therefore aim to make all decisions prior to a renovation, so the appropriate materials can be quickly ordered and delivered.

If, however there are aspects to the renovation that you do want to change, you must speak up, and the sooner the better. If you can make the changes earlier on in the build it will cost far less than having to remodel at a later stage. You may want to move the position of electric sockets, or add more in, or perhaps you want a larger window to the one that you originally thought; issues like this are easily fixed in the early stages of the renovation. You have worked hard to pay for, plan and arrange this renovation so you must be happy with it.

Maintain Your Focus

A renovation project can often require a homeowner to make many quick decisions, which can lead to unwanted stress and anxiety. It's therefore important to find ways to relax and unwind, which will allow you to destress and maintain your focus. As a result, you'll have the energy you need to make major decisions that could determine the finished result.

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