Five Signs That it's Time to Upgrade Your Family Car

It is easy to forget just how much a family relies on their car for things like taking the kids to school, going to work or back home again, doing the weekly shop, and spending weekends away.

However, the wants and needs of most families are constantly changing, which means any trusty and much-loved car might not be suitable for years to come. In light of this, here are five signs that its time to upgrade your family car.

There isn't enough room

Perhaps the main reason why most families choose to upgrade their car is because they need more room. After all, only an MPV or 7-seater can accommodate a family featuring four kids or more. Even families of two or three children might want something bigger if they have an active lifestyle and are constantly on the move. Upgrading the family car for space may also be a good idea when children become teenagers and they need more room in the back.

It costs too much money

Even if you regularly service your car at the main dealer and only ever buy genuine manufacturer parts, the trials and tribulations of family life will take their toll eventually. Constant repairs and expensive breakdowns are another reason why many families choose to upgrade, as newer vehicles tend to offer better reliability and durability. What's more, you will probably benefit from better fuel economy with a more modern engine, thus bringing running costs down too.

It is not safe enough

As opposed to years ago when airbags and ABS were the most advanced safety features available, modern-day cars boast a range of incredible technologies that ensure passengers remain protected no matter what. This is sure to be a big concern for families that feel like they aren't as safe as they could be. Therefore, upgrading will not only deliver the latest in safety and impressive crash test ratings but also invaluable peace of mind for all occupants.

It is in poor condition

Some families will turn a blind eye to the condition of their car because it is only going to get damaged and dirty anyway. However, several people take great pride in the appearance of their car, which often extends to kids as well. If you drop them off at school or take their friends on a trip, chances are your children will be embarrassed by the state of the bodywork or interior. This might be a somewhat superficial reason, but having a car you are a proud of is important nonetheless.

It is just too old

Along with constant repairs, expensive breakdowns, bad fuel economy, and poor safety features, an old car isn't much fun to drive or appealing to look at either. On top of that, it probably doesn't have the kind of features that could keep kids entertained and out of your hair on long journeys. So, upgrading to a newer model makes sense for every member of the family.

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