Buying Your Teenager Their First Car

If your teenage son or daughter has recently received their driving licence, the 'can I have a car' conversation may well come up.

Buying a first car is a huge first step into adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it. Being sure that your teenager is ready to take on these responsibilities is really important for your peace of mind as well as your bank balance.

Here is some advice for those thinking about buying their teenager their first car:

Sit down and talk

Not everyone needs a car. It's important that you discuss how and when the car will be used, as this will allow you to ascertain if it's indeed necessary to buy one. If you live outside of a city and your teenager needs a mode of transport, a car will most likely be a worthy investment.

If you live in a city, it may be far from necessary to own a car. With proper public transport systems, travelling is considerably safer and cheaper when you think of all the extra costs involved (parking, tax, insurance and so on).

New or used?

There are benefits to both, as highlighted below.


Used cars present a highly affordable option for those looking to buy a new car. There are many great dealerships that sell used vehicles with like-new warranties and reasonable financing options. When it comes to insuring an older second hand vehicle, you will always be set to save over buying new.


Buying new is ultimately the more expensive option, however you're given the peace of mind that the vehicle your child will be driving meets all the best safety standards and will most likely hold up on the road for many years to come.


After the cost of buying a car, making sure your son or daughter has adequate insurance cover is the next biggest amount to fork out (it could even be the largest cost if you buy a cheap second hand car). Young drivers car insurance can be reasonable, particularly as it tailored towards those under the age of 25.

Unfortunately, young drivers are responsible for two thirds of road accidents in the UK, so it's of little surprise that young drivers are expensive to cover.

Should you pay?

Buying a car and getting to the stage where a young person can legally drive it can cost vast sums of money. Do you intend to buy the car outright for them? Or do you want them to pay half, or pay you back little-by-little as months go by? These are things you should contemplate before taking the discussion any further.

Once you have an idea, you can outline the costs involved and begin researching into the various options.

What do You Think?

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