Bathing Babies

Giving your newborn baby their first bath is both fun and scary. When should we do it? Where? How? Is the water too hot? Hopefully this article will relieve some of the bathtime anxieties we experience as parents.

Before we go into details we need to establish the most important item:

Bath Safety

. Never leave your baby unattended in a bath

. Put Cold water then warm water into the bath to prevent scalding

. If using an adult bath use a bath mat to prevent slipping

. Always check the water temperature before putting your baby into the bath

It is not necessary to bathe your baby or toddler everyday, if you choose to do so as part of a nighttime routine to settle your child then that is fine. If you miss a bath one evening it is no big deal, young babies do not smell so there is no need to constantly wash them. On the days when you do skip a bath ensure you clean your babies face and bottom area with cooled boiled water and cotton wool.

You can bath your newborn baby as soon as you wish. Sometimes the stump of the umbilical cord can prevent parents from bathing their baby as they are unsure what to do with it, splash water onto the cord in the bath and pat dry with a soft towel when you are drying your baby.

Bath Products

There are many products available for bathing your baby and it is personal preference as to what will suit you. It is common practice that most parents will buy a baby bath before the baby is born. These provide you with a small area to bath your baby but where to put the bath, how to fill them and empty them is not always easy.

We used to fill ours in the adult bath so it was easy to empty afterwards, of course this meant we were still bent over double when bathing the children. You will also find that within a few months your baby will outgrow the baby bath. Another idea is to bath your baby in the kitchen sink, there is no bending over and it is easy for 2 people to have access and help with the bath.

The only issue here is the baby will be near to the taps so you need to ensure they are cooled. A product I never tried is a bath seat, although these look good for holding the baby steady and safe I cannot see it would be easy to wash a baby in the seat and from my experience my children loved to lay on their backs and kick their legs about.

A new (well new to me) product is a "Tummy Tub" which is a bucket bath for babies, it is in fact a bucket that you part fill and sit your baby in, seems like a neat concept as the baby cannot slip under the water and it seems you can wash them fairly easily. I would recommend a bath thermometer, this will ensure you are confident the water temperature is correct.

What do you need to bath your baby?

It is very important to get everything you need ready before you place your baby in the bath. You will need a clean soft towel, baby wash and shampoo (you do not need to wash your baby's hair every bathtime), cotton wool for young babies or a clean flannel for toddlers, changing mat, clean nappy, creams and clean clothes.


Make sure the room in which you will bath your baby is nice and warm. Add cold water to the bath and then bring the bath to the correct temperature using warm water. Use a bath thermometer to check the water temperature before putting your baby into the bath (ideal temperature is 37°C). If using a bath where your baby can recline fill the water level to cover their shoulders to keep them warm when lying down.

It is advisable to use clean water on your baby's face and hair so always wash these before washing the rest of their body. Support your baby behind their shoulders and head and allow them to kick and splash in the bath as they wish. Once you have mastered holding your baby in the bath it will develop into a fun and relaxing time for both of you.

It is important to avoid digging around and trying to clean waxy ears, the wax is natural and should be left alone. If your baby has sticky eyes use cooled boiled water and cotton wool to wipe them clean.

Once your baby is clean and had a little play remove them from the bath before they get cold. Immediately wrap them in a warm soft towel and cuddle them to keep them warm. Do not rub your baby dry but pat them gently with the towel. Young babies are susceptible to dry skin so a gentle massage with a baby moisturising cream can help to keep their skin moist and can be very relaxing for the baby. Dress your baby in the same room where it is nice and warm.

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