Making Your Children More Aware Of The Importance Of Oral Hygiene

Making your little one more aware of the importance of good oral hygiene is essential in order to maintain good oral care for years to come. Not only does brushing thoroughly at least twice a day help ensure teeth and gums remain healthy, but it can help prevent gum disease and numerous other diseases as a result of poor oral healthcare. Whilst it might not be easy to make your children more aware of the importance of oral hygiene, it is essential that they still visit the best dentist London has to offer on a regular basis. Here's how you can make your children more aware of the importance of oral hygiene.

Set A Timer

Setting a timer can help make your children more aware of the importance of oral hygiene, and it will naturally become part of their routine to stand in front of the mirror for two minutes if it isn't already. Not only does setting a timer make teeth brushing more fun and less of a chore to young children, but it's a fantastic way to ensure the entirety of the mouth gets a good clean. Why not suggest spending thirty seconds per quarter of the mouth?

Teach The Proper Technique

When it comes to teaching your child the proper brushing technique, it shouldn't just be about covering all angles – you should make the conscious effort to explain the importance of oral hygiene as well as ensuring your child is aware of the detrimental effects not brushing their teeth properly can have on their oral hygiene. Most importantly, though, you should be teaching them the right technique. In order to do this, you should take some time to understand what brushing your teeth properly consists of, before relaying the information as accurately as you can.

Disclosing Tablets

Depending on the age of your child or children, you may decide to invest in disclosing tablets. For parents who have never heard of disclosing tablets before, first of all they are completely safe. They simply work by staining your child's teeth blue where they haven't cleaned properly, revealing the leftover plaque. They'll be even more determined to brush it away, and it's a great way to keep check of their brushing technique every week or so. There's no hiding from it!

Reduce Sugar Intake

Whilst you can get your children to brush their teeth to sustain good oral hygiene, convincing them to cut out sugar is a little more difficult, yet is just as important as brushing your teeth twice a day. Though sugary treats, such as fizzy drinks and sweets, are OK to be consumed in moderation, the best way to ensure your children monitor their sugar intake is to warn them of the risks that eating sugary foods and consuming sugary drinks pose.

Fun Brushing Charts

Brushing charts are a great way to keep your children on top of their teeth brushing activity once you have disclosed the correct brushing technique. It's a great way to make it a fun habit for your children, without having to drill the importance of teeth brushing into their mind. Just like a bedtime routine reward chart, tooth brushing schedules help ensure your child is brushing their teeth, and only you can reward them with a foil star when they have! To make it even more worthwhile, you may decide to offer an incentive at the end of a successful week of brushing.

Despite making tooth brushing fun, it is essential to make sure that your children are aware of the importance of oral hygiene. Not only will it save you time visiting the dentist, but your child's oral health won't suffer in the future, and you can't be to blame!

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