Sports and Exercise

Badminton Coaching

Badminton is a sport that can either be played competitively or on a more social basis. It is a fast moving sport and is an excellent way of keeping fit. With badminton clubs throughout the country you should be able to find a local club offering a high standard of coaching for your child.

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Children's Gym Clubs

Children's gym clubs can be found in just about every town and city in the U.K. Clubs exist right through from toddler age to teenage. They are great for getting children started with mobility and balance before advancing to prepare older children for competition gymnastics.

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Cricket Coaching

If you would like to get your child interested in playing cricket the easiest way is likely to be through a local cricket club. This article explains what you can expect to happen, the equipment required and how to find a club near you.

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Dry Ski Slope - Dorset

Snowtrax near Christchurch, Dorset is a dry ski centre. As well as offering ski and snowboarding lessons for older children, younger children find ringos and ski bobs great fun. It's a great place for parents to spend a couple of hours relaxing while watching the children wear themselves out!

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Finding a Balance Between Childcare and Household Duties

Bringing up children is hard work. It can be very tiring. This article gives you tips on finding the right life balance, so you can enjoy your children more.

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Five Rewards and Incentives for Your Children

Should you give incentives to children for good behaviour and help around the home? Here are some thoughts and ideas.

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Football Coaching

Playing Football - This article gives you ideas of how to get your children started and ensure they enjoy the game.

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Golf Coaching

Golf can be played by all the family and children as young as 3 can start to learn the game. This article gives tips on equipment required and how to get your children started.

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Hockey Coaching

Hockey is a sport played by over 1000 hockey clubs around the U.K. The majority of clubs offer coaching for children and also play a number of friendly and competitive games each year.

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How to Teach your Kids to Write with Passion

Being able to write freely is a great way for any child to express their feelings and to put across ideas they have in their head. Here are some tips to get your child writing.

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Idea's for Grandparents Day

Need some ideas for Grandparents Day? Here are some ideas to help make Grandparents feel special and appreciated.

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Key Considerations for Parents Who Want to Separate

Separation and divorce are among the hardest things you can face as a parent. There is no easy way to cope, but this article gives suggestions to help you.

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Play Sports

Sport can play an important role in the development of your children. Here are some facts and figures about child participation in sports.

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Rowing Lessons

Rowing is more than just a great way for your child to get fit. By joining a rowing club your child will receive training and have the chance to row competitively. There is also a lively social side to rowing opening doors to making loads of new friends.

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Safe Cycling

Cycling is an essential part of a child's independence. This article explains how to keep you and your children safe on our busy roads.

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Summer Sports for Kids

There are so many health and social benefits for getting your children active and involved in sports. Here are some tips to get them started.

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Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is an important step in child development. Here are my top ten tips for helping a child to learn to swim.

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Tennis Coaching

Tennis is a great all round fitness sport. You can start as young as 3 and still be playing long into your retirement. This article gives advice on how to get your children started in the game.

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Volleyball Coaching

Volleyball is an enjoyable sport that can go along way to helping children to keep fit. It can be played indoors or outdoors. This article gives you details of how to get started and how to find a club near you.

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What Sports Should I Allow my Teenager to Play?

There has been a lot of talk about sports being dangerous for teenagers. Should Rugby be banned or heading stopped in football? Here are some points you may wish to consider.

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