The 5 Best Kids' Pedometers to Buy in 2018

Is your kid active enough?

Well, thanks to their electronic modes of enjoyment, most of the children are not. Unlike past, there are lesser number of playgrounds now. Playing doesn't mean anything more than just tilting their heads over the video game remotes.

In such a scenario, what could be best is nothing but encouraging their activity. One of the smartest approaches to do so can be opting for a pedometer. There is a wide array of high-tech pedometers available in the market now. So, make sure that you are considering your darling' s age, needs, and liking before making a purchase.

It's because if your child just needs a basic step counter, you shouldn't end up buying a technologically upgraded one. It will be of no use!

Howbeit, here's a list of the most amazing pedometers for your kids to buy in 2018.


1. Elegiant: Wireless Fitness Pedometer Tracker

This smart gadget can be a colorful way of keeping your kid active. It comes in three different bright colors! So, it can be a favorite option for your little one. The display of this pedometer tracker is so excellent that it can give you an idea about the battery level, bluetooth connectivity and time. Also, with just a click, you can check out the steps taken by your kid.

Special Features

✔ High battery life- It lasts for almost a week while wearing normally.
✔ Charging is very fast. It just takes 30 minutes.
✔ The maximum portion of this tracker is made up of silicone.

Where to buy from?

You can buy this excellent gadget for your kid from If you want to save on your purchase, browse through the lucrative deals at

2. EFOSHM: Fitness Tracker Wristband

If your kid needs a pedometer with some simple and basic features only, this fitness tracker is there for you. Although it will not let your kid any notification like other trackers, yet it does the basic works flawlessly.

Special Features

✔ It accurately tracks steps and distance.
✔ Also, it can count the burned calories and sleep.
✔ It can be even used as a basic watch and alarm clock.
✔ Reminders can be set on it when the kid is being inactive for a considerably long time.

Where to buy from?

The place where you can hop in for buying this wonderful gadget is again Just spend £ 19.99 and get it delivered for free of cost to your address.

3. Letsfit: Activity Tracker

This is certainly a high-end activity tracker which has a wide array of smart features incorporated within the same. This is a perfect pedometer for school going children. They will be able to make the best use of it.

Special Features

✔ It tracks various details such as steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and so on.
✔ There is an accompanied hi-fi GPS functionality with this gadget.
✔ There is an extremely easy-to-read display which makes it perfect for kids.
✔ It can be synced with the cell phone of your kid, if he/she has any.

Where to buy from?

Of course, It is available for just £ 20. Moreover, if you want to still save some of your pounds, sign up for deals and offers from now.

4. Garmin: Vivofit Jr

It is a perfect pedometer for such kids whose age ranges from 4 to 9. It is a completely safe and secured one for kids to wear for all kind of activities.

Special Features

✔ Kids can use it to calculate their active time even the sleep data.
✔ Parents can make use of this gadget while tracking the same on phone.
✔ If a kid is inactive, there will be a Move Bar visible to them. It will encourage them to work more.
✔ It is available in a variety of fun and vibrant designs which make it the first choice for kids.

Where to buy from?

Click here to buy it from Amazon. You can buy it at an extremely affordable rate.

5. OZO: Fitness Pedometer SC1

If your kid doesn't like to always let his/her wrist get collapsed into something tight, this pedometer is just perfect for him/her. You can clip this device around your little one's waist and thus he will be able to play both indoors and outdoors flawlessly.

Special Features

✔ This gadget can work independently, it doesn't need a smartphone to help.
✔ Buttons are present on the back of the device. It helps to get rid of any accidental resets.
✔ The size of this device is compact.
✔ There is a full-screen display present in it.
✔ It has a 7-day recall memory.
✔ This device automatically shuts down and there are lesser warnings for battery.

Where to buy from?

Just explore to buy this model for your little one immediately.

So, as per my knowledge, these are the five most commendable pedometers in the market now. You might find some more interesting ones. Thus, don't wait anymore! Buy the perfect one for your darling now. Thus, it will be an ultimate boost to your kid's physical fitness.

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