4 Things to Consider When Choosing What University to Apply To

Going to university is an incredibly important life decision, and needs to be taken quite seriously, with many factors that should be carefully considered. Making the wrong decision could prove to have long-lasting detrimental effects on many aspects of your life, including career opportunities, financial situation, where you will live, and what qualifications you will have. Below are four of the most important factors to consider when choosing where to apply, to make sure you are making a well informed choice.


1. Finances

Attending a university can be quite the financial commitment, but where you go can affect these costs significantly. Attending school away from home, or out of region will be considerably more expensive than studying locally. Fees vary depending on the university itself, the length of the program you choose to enrol in, and the individual programs, as well as the cost of any required materials necessary to complete the course.

A university education can be made more affordable if the student is able to take advantage of some of the benefits available, such as bursaries, and can be easier to manage with the help of loans and other forms of student lending.

When choosing a university you may want to attend, be sure to compare the costs with other institutions, including the cost of living, course fees and length of commitment.

2. Home or Away?

A major decision when choosing which university to apply to, is to decide whether you wish to go away and study, or stay closer to home, where you may have a stronger support network and comfort level.

This decision is very much a personal one, as everyone is different, and some individuals prefer to venture out on their own, relishing in the experience of being away from home, seeing a new area and growing as an individual. On the other hand, others thrive closer to home in more comfortable surroundings, and are content with receiving an education and having no need or desire to undergo the university "experience".

As mentioned before, finances are also a consideration when considering whether or not to attend university away from home, as some may be unable to afford a university that isn't local to them.

Before deciding which university is right for you, make sure to visit your top choices and tour the campuses, becoming familiar with the environment you will potentially be living in.

3. A Backup Plan

We all know life isn't perfect, so we are best to prepare ourselves for this.

Once you have decided your ideal educational path, and where you wish to study, you shouldset out on preparing a Plan B, in case circumstances arise that stop your first university choice from being an option. A good contingency plan will ensure your education and career aspirations are not interrupted or delayed.

Just because you've applied to your first choice university doesn't mean you will be accepted.Competition can be stiff, especially at reputable schools, and grades are not always enough to secure a position.Be sure to consider an alternative, should your best case scenario turn outnot to be viable after all.

4. Long Term Plans and Goals

University is the launching point for the rest of your life, so when choosing where to apply, consider what your long-term goals will be, and how the university you are selecting can help you be successful in achieving these goals.

Perhaps you wish to eventually live and work in a specific region. If so, then it might be wise to attend a school in that area so you are able to immerse yourself into the community.

If you have a specific career path in mind, consider attending a university well-known for its high-quality course offerings, to leave you well educated and qualified to work in your specific industry.

If you're already in university and need help studying, PasTest have a range of online revision and study materials for medical students.

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