IGGY - Network for Gifted Young People

IGGY is an international, social and educational network for gifted young people created by the University of Warwick. It gives members access to interactive educational resources and allows them to work with top academics, student mentors and other gifted young people around the world to exchange ideas, debate, learn and explore in a safe environment. The Independent has described IGGY as "the thinking teenager's Facebook".

Interactive Educational Content

IGGY focuses on providing stretching content in Maths, English, Science, History, Politics and Life Skills but also covers a wide range of other subjects, for example, Classics. IGGY content covers a range of formats - from quick quizzes to longer video courses and podcast series. IGGY has been built around the concept of gamification and awards points, badges and occasionally prizes to reward learning and engagement.

IGGY has partnered with others to develop a number of Apps including 'Gobby Academy' which allows members to discover and learn the most powerful words in the English language through fun, interactive games and a leaderboard to provide a competitive edge.


IGGY works with companies and individuals to create short and long-term projects that will involve students in real life issues and dilemmas. The IGGY Junior Commission is a good example of a long-term project for which members can apply. It is a yearlong research programme partnering 10 selected IGGY Members from across the world with academics and experts, in order for them to make recommendations to policy makers. In 2013, the young people are investigating issues around Education and the Internet and the project has involved expenses paid study visits to the UK and USA.

"IGGY is like an open door, when you step in you've got access to wider knowledge, debates, quizzes, challenges and even Mentors that can help you" - IGGY Member Sathyam (17)


IGGY features a lively forum area, where members can start their own debates and contribute to other members' topics. IGGY's 'Homework Help' includes posts from members looking for support with homework, and postgraduate student mentors and IGGY's Community Manager are on hand to give advice. The community members support each other - if one member is stuck with a problem in their work or life, another member will invariably step in to help out.

"IGGY has been such a life changing experience for me, it has expanded my knowledge, made me interested in other things, and most of all, given me more confidence, as well as a place where I can talk to people who relate to my problems" - IGGY Member Naomi (14)

Social Network

IGGY has been described by The Telegraph as 'Facebook for Mensa Members' due to its unique social approach. Every member can set up a profile page where they can let other members know about them and their interests. Members can 'friend' each other, send messages, and collaborate on projects.

IGGY is safe and secure due to its robust moderation tools. The site is continually monitored through a combination of advanced word filtering software and human moderation.

Getting Started

Any young person aged 13-18 can apply to become an IGGY Member. IGGY does not require a student to prove their IQ or intelligence - IGGY works on the basis of potential so any student can join providing they get verification from an educator that they have the potential to work at a high level.

IGGY is not for profit. There is a subscription fee to join, but we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to join IGGY so we offer free membership to students from a disadvantaged background.

IGGY costs £90 for individual UK Members, and substantial discounts are applicable if multiple memberships are purchased by a school or other organisation.

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