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If your child needs a little extra help with a school subject then help is at hand through a series of Home Learning Worksheets from EdPlace.co.uk. The worksheets are laid out in a way that makes them easy to understand and any child using them should soon be able to catch up on any work they have missed or fallen behind on. In fact they could soon be zooming ahead of the rest of the class!

The Home Learning Worksheets are an inexpensive alternative to hiring private tutors. They are fun to do as well, so it's not really like spending extra time in the classroom. They are also flexible enough to use on pinpointed areas where a child needs a helping hand.

As well as being used to catch up many children use the sheets when they have exams looming. They make excellent revision aids, keeping skills sharp for SATs tests or GCSE exams.

The EdPlace system allows a child to learn at home at a pace that suits them. The worksheets cover the main syllabus areas Maths, English and Science. These worksheets can be downloaded from EdPlace.co.uk on to your own PC. Your child can then work through the sheets in their own time.

The worksheets have been put together by professional teachers. They are designed to help all children from those starting in Year 1 to those studying for their GCSEs. All of the material on the EdPlace website has been officially certified by Curriculum Online.

EdPlace already has thousands of children using their colourful worksheets. When the worksheets were initially designed a lot of thought was put into making them engaging and enjoyable for children to use. The basic concept was that if children found the tasks fun to complete they were far more likely to learn and wish to complete more of the worksheets. This also helps for the new knowledge to stick!

If you have a question when using the worksheets then help is at hand through feedback from a trained teacher.

Schools Use EdPlace Too!

You may also be interested to know that a number of schools already use the EdPlace worksheets. This certainly gave me extra confidence in the sheets.

How EdPlace Works

You start off by selecting a topic for your child to work with. The next step is to download your chosen worksheet to your own computer. You can then print out the worksheet. After the worksheet has been completed you can look at the answer sheet either on your computer or on paper.

On competition of a task a child can select a worksheet on a new subject or opt to step up to a more advanced level.

How Much Does it Cost?

Edplace has a flexible payment system. To start with I would suggest the minimum sign up which is one subject for one month. This gives you the opportunity to find out if the EdPlace worksheets are right for your children. Heavy discounts are available for anyone joining for a greater length of time or are taking up more than one subject.

To help reduce the costs further Parenting.co.uk has negotiated a 15% discount on subscription costs. To receive the discount follow this link EdPlace and enter the word parenting when you are asked for a promotion code.

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