How to Teach your Kids to Write with Passion

teach to write

One day, while looking for a tool to evaluate some writing I had carried out, to check for unconsciouss plagiarism, and then fortunately, finally locating one on the plagiarism checker website ; I notice the kid hanging over my shoulder, and asked: "Mom, what are you doing?"

And I thought to myself, How about I teach the kid how to write more effectively and with passion?

Unless you are living in a remote area which has no use for technology, or you have a career in the arts, building construction or landscape design, a lot of writing is going to be part of your day-to-day itinerary. The Microsoft Education Team reports that in a research conducted by IDC, it was shown that among the top 20 skills required for employment eligibility, writing was one of the most in-demand. The research further revealed that these need cut across all industries and professions.

Taking this information into cognizance, I embarked on a research to find out how to teach the kids to write effectively and passionately. The following represents a culmination of my research on this subject.

The research helped me to find out the following:

Before I can teach the kid to write effectively and with passion, I have got to find out what the kid is passionate about

I am sure, most of us have encountered situations where the kid is fixated on one activity, and simply refuses to let go, to the detriment of other activities. Exhibiting strong interest in this subject, we can help the kid develop passion in that area. It could be writing (which makes it easy), hiking, playing ball, drawing, or simply watching cartoons.

I have to get the kid to read

I remember the first reading I did, which was when I was 2 years, ongoing to 3. It was After the Funeral by Agatha Christie. The ventures of Hercule Poirot and his stint in sleuthing.

Several years later, and more 500,000 books under the belt - fiction, non-fiction, academics; I can point to those years of reading as having an inordinate notable influence on me.

I think it was Albert Einstein that said something like this, “If you want your kids to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales".

From the experience I have had, this works. The more we read to our kids, or get them to read, this expands their horizons, their vocabulary, and what they think is possible to them. You know, reading takes us into places and worlds that we otherwise could not have been able to go or had the time to go physically.

Much more so, it is fun creating beautiful and wonderful pictures in the minds of the kids.

Teach the kid writing

teach to write

This one is obvious, isn't it? Also, it is inevitable that the kids are going to be taught how to write in school.

But it could be great to extend this learning to things that the kids do at home. Sometimes, as a fun activity, I usually suggest that the kids chat with me or make requests in writing. Imagine if the kids realise he is going to get the biscuit asked for or the dog to play with, simply because he's been able to express it clearly in writing.

Although some requests for the moment were not attainable, like one I got - getting a new dog house for the dog, I usually work it out with the kids so it is a win-win situation.

After adventures, excursions or vacations, suggest the kid to write about it

There are definitely no better memorable times like when we've gone on a snow trail, taken a trip to a theme park, or had a quiet vacation in the surrounding neighborhood. These are the periods when the kids are most excited.

As a fun challenge, you could tease them to write out and describe the experience. The bonus you get to making this request is, not only would they express themselves with as much vigor, you would get an admirable, not-to-be taken-for-granted, novel, first-hand response of how the kids view the experience from their perspective. That knowledge alone, is worth the request.

Give the kid room to grow in his passion

Some days ago, I came across a video posted on the website of English football club, Manchester United. It was about renowned vlogger, Tekkerz kid's visit to the club's football grounds, to meet one of the club's players and his hero, Marcus Rashford. The video began with Tekkerz kid's arrival to Old Trafford, and then clips of his search in the dressing room and around the stadium to look for Rashford. And then, he finally settled down in one of the rooms to have a chat and interview Rashford.

It was an interesting video. However, what was most stand-out was the kid's attempt to ask Rashford intelligent questions. And the kid is 8 years old! It was a really interesting watch.

A similar video sometime back, was another vlogger giving his first-hand description of a football match he just saw. His communication was coherent, and he has built up a good following on his YouTube account.

It is really a nice sight to watch when kids express themselves through things they love. Now, all you have to do to get them to put it in writing.

I hope the following brings up some ideas. From the time the kid asked me the question, to the present day, it's been a remarkable and revealing experience.


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