Helping Your Child With GCSE Maths

GCSE Maths is perhaps the most important qualification that any UK resident will achieve. Not only does it give pupils the knowledge to deal with practical problems in the real world, it is also an important subject when applying for further education and jobs. As such, most parents will push their children to take their GCSE Maths study seriously and try to help them as best they can. However, not everyone has a talent for maths and some parents may not have the ability to assist their child. Even those that have a decent understanding of maths may find that their child is now being taught in a completely different way than they were. If either of these situations applies to you, then don't worry; there are still ways to help your child with their GCSE Maths study.

Making a plan

One of the main problems that students tend to have with any subject that they don't enjoy, or which they struggle with, is that they will put it off. In order to make the subject less daunting you should sit down with them and make a careful study plan. This should involve creating a calendar for whatever is left on the academic year, which details which specific topics they will tackle on which days and weeks. Obviously you should tie this in with the curriculum so that any in class teaching can be supplemented at home. Make sure that your planned study sessions do not last longer than 45 minutes, with at least 10 minutes break between.

Before your child begins a study session you can ensure that they are prepared fully by providing them with the right kind of food. Avoid heavy meals that are likely to make them sleepy and go for ingredients that will deliver energy to keep their brains ticking over. You should also make sure that any possible distractions are removed during study sessions. So insist that they either leave their mobile phone with you or turn it off. And be sure that they are logged out of Facebook and any other social networking sites!

Free resources

There are a couple of online resources that your child can use to help them with their GCSE Maths study. The first is, which has some useful notes, example questions and old exam papers to tackle. Don't be put off by the dated appearance of the site, as there really is some useful stuff. One problem that your child may have with this site is that it isn't very engaging.

Your next option is to visit the BBC website and give their Bitesize a try, which actually has sections for every subject. Each topic is split into manageable potions, which can be tackled in small sessions. It is perhaps better than our previous option in that it offers the opportunity to take part in online activities and tests, which provides some level of engagement. You may even want to consider downloading the Bitesize Smartphone App. This will allow your child to make use of any spare few minutes, such as time spent in a vehicle during the school commute, without getting any stick from their peers. Be aware that the App costs £1.49 to download.

Additional assistance

Finally, you should consider finding some additional assistance for your child in the form of a maths tutor. The one-on-one experience means that they have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they like, which they may not have the confidence to do in class. This will of course help them get to grips with problematic topics sooner.

If you cannot find a reliable local maths tutor, or do not have the time or means to ferry your child to and from sessions, you could opt to go for an online maths tutor. The recent advancements in VIOP technology and faster internet connections mean that online tutors can now provide a fully interactive service in the form of a virtual classroom. Not only can pupils benefit from class and small group study, they can also receive on-one-one tuition if struggling with a specific topic. Learning online removes the time that is wasted by travelling to a private tutor and actually works out cheaper than the traditional method. An example of a such company that can specifically provide you with a maths tutor at GCSE level is iTutorMaths. Take a look at their site for more in-depth information on their GCSE Maths tutoring and revision services and how they can be tailored to your child's individual needs.


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