6 Children's Picture Books

6 Childrens Picture Books

It is not often that you can buy six children's books for £1.94. But that is what you get with the latest offering from Charles and Rachael Vlad.

The books come in Kindle format and can be bought from Amazon.

They are suitable for children up to the end of infant school. Even on a Kindle screen the pictures are a good size and there is just about the right amount of text to compliment the pictures. All six stories are good fun. I can't see children getting bored with them in a hurry.

The books are a mix of styles with each one being different to the others. For example some books have a degree or repetition. That is something most children enjoy and helps them to get more involved in the book. Elsewhere you will find rhyme used. This is another feature that children find fun.

The six books are:

1. Why Knights Don't Save Princesses From Tall Towers Anymore

The Princess is stuck in the tower. Who will rescue her? The dashing knight of course. But, what is a princess to do when none of the knight's rescue plans work?

This is a book where repetition is used. The poor knight tries his hardest to rescue the Princess. Fate and his own stupidity transpire somewhat as we watch him gallantly trying to save the day.

2. There's A Mouse In The House

A pesky mouse keeps stealing food. Jeff's mum wants him chased away by the cat, but Jeff decides it's best to make friends.

As with most mice whether fictional or not, the mouse is on top in this entertaining tale; or perhaps that should be tail. The last thing anyone wants is a mouse in their kitchen, but at least this one is fun to have around.

3. Space School

Class Three are disappointed when their teacher leads them out onto the field for a school trip. Until, Mrs Juniper presses a button and a spaceship appears.

Isn't this the way all schools should be? Instead of sitting in a classroom studying subjects such as English and Maths, the children in this story set off on a space adventure. Rather handily they have a rocket they can use that is housed on the school field. They are all back in time for home time and what's more, there is no homework involved. How I wish school had been like that when I was a kid.

4. Ugg And Fang

In this book young caveman Ugg takes his pet to school. No pets are allowed at cave school, but Ugg decides to take his sabre-toothed tiger, Fang, in anyway. Of course this results in chaos!

5. What Is That Thing?

There is trouble in the jungle. The cheetahs have been giving lots of other animals a hard time. Next a strange, but kind-hearted creature is swept up onto the shore. It doesn't know what it is and neither does its friends. The bullying cheetahs know what the thing is, but they won't tell until the thing joins their mean gang.

6. Dinosaur's Only

Pterodactyl wants to go to the dinosaur party, but Allosaurus won't let him in as he's not a dinosaur. Pterodactyl and his non-dinosaur friends disguise themselves as dinosaurs so they can sneak in. Find out how the party turned out to be the best party ever.

What are the Books Like on a Kindle?

Before buying the books I did wonder how they would look on a Kindle with a black and white screen. Sure to have full colour versions would be great, but then they would cost a lot more too.

Despite the lack of colour the books are still good fun and that's the most important thing of all.

Plenty of Variety

There is plenty of variety in the six books. All the books are great for stimulating the imagination and getting a young mind whirring.

Well Worth £1.94

If you are looking for new books to read and your children like a sense of fun and adventure then these six books are a bargain at £1.94. I can see that after a few readings your children are likely to get to know the books off by heart and will read along with you.

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