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Cheating husband

Posted by: Nathaneugrobertson Yorkshire Posts: 3

This is a heavy question, but it’s one in which I’m sorely in need of advice. I’m 36 and my husband, whom I’ve been with for several years but have been married to for 10 years, has been having an affair. I suspected he was may have been cheating so I hired phoenixmd01atgmaildotcom(a female online investigator/hcker someone on this forum recommended), she nicely retrieved messages, texts from his phone, deleted photos in his email of the other woman, The other woman is from his past, someone he never officially dated and merely shared a kiss with shortly before meeting me. She moved out of state and told him they wouldn’t be able to have a relationship. I asked him not to speak with her anymore once he and I were committed because I knew he still had feelings for her. He obliged, or at least, I thought. Phoenixmd01atgmaildotcom help me discover the secret email address he created to strictly communicate with her and how he'd been partly paying her mortgage over the last five years and over the last six months this relationship has become a full-fledged affair—sans the sex. It was a long distance, emotional relationship. Did I mention that I’m just short of seven months pregnant with our first child? First child after almost 10 years.

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Posted by: robschneider Essex Posts: 4

Confront him. Talk to him and ask him what does he want. Tell him nicely that you don't want to leave him because of his cheating habit and this does hurt you alot and ask him what if you were to do what he is doing, who will this make him feel. You are pregnant at the moment, ask him does he wants his child to go through the difficult feeling and life of divorced parents?
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Rob Schneider

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