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Giving grandparents access

Posted by: Francesca higgins Manchester Greater Manchester Posts: 1

I have a problem and need a little advice. My partners mother is very controlling in a manipulative way! And over the past 6 years she has gave us reasons to stop our children from being in her care. Last year I had to completely heal and forgive her ( for my own sanity ) as she got me very close to a break down whilst carrying my 2nd child! I moved on and still let her have access to my children. Now she can’t affect me she has started to put more pressure on my partner ( her own son ) which begins affects my home peace. The last incident was when she told my son it was her birthday in a few days ( my children always go ther for birthday dinner and cake ) on the day my son and daughter sat waiting to be picked up but no show! My partner asked why they haven’t come to get them to be told I never said I was! She said my son must be lying. ( this is how she manipulates! we’ve been making things up in our heads for years! According to her ) I have now completely stopped access as it’s bringing strong negativity into our home ( through complete stress to my partner ) they have there own issues from his childhood! And we don’t want them issues becoming my children’s issues in the future! My son adores her and misses her, and I’m confused to what to do. We have stopped them in the past but gave in to my sons wishes and ended up back in the manipulative cycle! Any advice would be great right now my heart hurts for my kids but my brain is saying no no no!

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