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7 Yr old being bullied

Posted by: Sam Gilpin Essex Posts: 1

J is 7 and he started a new school back in September 2016 (he was 6 then). He was really enjoying it until the last few months when I discovered that some older boys - I'm not sure exactly what age but they are either in year 4 or 5 so at least 8 years old, have been picking on him at lunch time. He also goes to after school club and one of the boys is apparently someone he knows from there.

What he has told me these boys were pushing him over, grabbing his face and hitting him on the head - generally being really rough with him and as they are so much older this is completely not appropriate and obviously goes beyond just messing about. He came home a few times with a big bruises which I can only imagine came from him falling after he had been pushed over.

As well as physically abusing him, J said that the boys had been saying horrible things to him - calling him a "F….. girl" and saying that he is "well s…." - J doesn't speak like this so he is hearing it from somewhere.

I found it very hard to talk to him about this without putting words in his mouth as he was only 6, but this is what he had told me and I was absolutely heart broken for him.

I spoke to his teacher and told her all of the above and she said that she would investigate to try and find out what had been going on and also would make sure the dinner ladies are watching out for J. I also spoke to the after school club to try and find out if anything had been happening there and finding out what they would do, but J said that it was at school rather than there that he had the trouble. But nothing changed.
I booked him into start Jiu Jitsu, in the hope that it would give him the confidence. But nothing helped. I tried everything but it just seemed to get worse and the school was not doing enough, and these kids are too young to file a police report against. I really didn’t want to ruin their lives although they were ruining my lad’s own.
But then I found this while searching online for wa

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