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Sister in law is horrible to my son & let's her son bully my daughter

Posted by: Moo89 Bicester Buckinghamshire Posts: 1

I really need some advice on this. My kids have come home extremely stressed & upset from having spent the day with my husband's sister. It's the holidays & my annual leave is not until next week. The kids normally go to my mums or brother in laws during the holidays but neither could have them today so I was going to take the day off unpaid. Not a massive issue until my husband's sister catches wind of this & offers to have the kids for the day. I am not her biggest fan for many reasons. One being she is a lazy parent, she ignored her own 4YO son who us a sweet boy but he's becoming more ferral by the day. Each to their own. My kids are far from perfect but she can't control her son. My son is 9 & daughter 5. I appreciated her offer but was ready to decline when My husband accepted before I had chance to. My kids came into the house with sus in law earlier upset so she explained my son had been rude & moaned he wanted to come home & kept telling her son to leave him alone. I stepped in & said to my son he should apogise to his auntie & cousin. He did then she told him off again saying he better not act like that for her mum who will look after them next week, gave him a lecture about how she can't deal with attitudes like his & "nannies kids are grown ups now so she won't want his fuss" he ran away in tears. I didn't know all the facts so after she left I questioned my son. He explained their 4YO cousin had been hitting his sister & punched him in the jaw several times so he refused to play with him. Auntie was never in the same room just upstairs. Was shouted at for not wanting to play with cousin although he had explained to Auntie why.Within seconds of them being home I could smell cigarette smoke on their clothes, their nails were black & daughter had food matted in her hair. I asked my daughter separately did she have a nice time& got the same story from her. Both are upset & this is not the first time my nephew has upset my kids. I get it they'll fight but th

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Posted by: melissacole ohi London Posts: 5

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Posted by: Moody London Posts: 3

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Posted by: enovtec uk London Posts: 14

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