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Harmful Kids Content on Youtube WARNING: DISTURBING

Posted by: Ludovic Noble London London Posts: 1


I am not a parent but I want to bring something to the attention of parents who let their kids use youtube, even if they have a child friendly account.

There have been discussions on various online forums about a very weird and dark phenomenon that people are calling "Elsagate", that may be having a negative effect on children without parents being aware of it.

In short: there seems to hundreds of channels on youtube that purport to be for children but contain common themes in the thumbnails (preview pictures) and in the video titles of violence, scatology, sex and are generally disturbing. The videos contain recurring patterns and themes that seem to be orientated towards these inappropriate themes. This is all despite the fact that these themes are hidden amongst banal but child friendly content.

This channel:

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looks like an average kids cartoon channel aimed at ages about 2 - 8. Each video has millions of views. However, if you watch some of these videos and look at some of the thumbnails they have some odd recurring themes that are vaguely violent, sexual, scatological or just disturbing. You have to look through the videos (by going onto 'videos' on the channel page and clicking 'load more' at the bottom) because not all of them are of this nature but some of them are. Some of the video titles are "surprise eggs in the toilet" or "spiderbaby plays with scissors".

The strangest thing is there seems to be hundreds of these channels with the same recurring themes such as here:

(some video titles: "Real POOP with Pink Spider-Girl Superheroes in Real Life Play Doh Stop Motion Videos", "Drinking from the Toilet! Hasbro Gaming Toilet Trouble DCTC Toy Challenges")

This one is the most disturbing and you only have to click the link to see what I'm talking about. I really don't know what to make of this and I'm not even sure if this is m

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