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what do I do next

Posted by: kingjoanne56@yahoo.com manchester Greater Manchester Posts: 1

I have got a teenage son, which is controling, and he does keep sectets from me, also the school where he goes to does also. Now I had to really push some information out of him, why does he hate me. And I got the answers last night, now when I ask the school about what my son has been saying, that they say rhat they tell me everything, but I have cought them out, because of what is been written down in some notes from last years christmas holidays. That they held a lot of commuication notes from my son has said to them. Which they said that he as had all of them, and maybe he as lost them. Now with ne krpt ob asking for them, I did recieve them in Aprial this year. So they did not want me to have them for some resson. Now I have this information of what my son has said about ne last night, saying that he hates me, because I blame him for everything. With the social services involved ment. So what do I do next, do I tackle him with this new information or wait and see what comes next.

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