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Desperate Mum of Teens

Posted by: Northwestmum Liverpool Merseyside Posts: 1

I'm feeling pretty desperate at the moment. I've got a teenage daughter who verbally abuses me every day and phycally attacks me at times too.
My daughter is 15 and I've just stopped her from seeing her boyfriend who is two years older. She'd been seeing him for over a year but over the past few months I'd noticed how upset my daughter was after spending time with him. He uses drugs regularly, something I've always been against. He has always smoked cigarettes and weed but also uses other things like Ket that I know of. Not the type of person I want my daughter spending time with. She also wasn't living the life of a 15 year old, time spent with him would be sitting in his bedroom all day and night, he never wanted to come and sit in our home as they would have to sit in the front room downstairs.
So she's heartbroken and totally blames me but the violence has been bad and the verbal abuse every day is distressing.
There is no escape, when she's with me it's constant swearing and calling me disgusting names.
She ran away a week ago, only for 2 hours but I was frantic as she said she was going to kill herself, this is now becoming a daily threat. I've got a visit tomorrow by the return to home team from social services.
I'm desperate, we need help I don't want my daughter to hate me but the decision I made was to protect her. What help is out there if any

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