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My three year old is hitting in pre school

Posted by: Emma Bleeitt Newton Aycliffe Durham Posts: 1

Please help, my three year old seems to have a problem keeping his hands to himself in nursery, he does not have any behavioural problems at home and is a very loving and compassionate little boy. He is also very very smart and is working at reception age level despite him being the very youngest in the class as he was born on the 31st August. He shows no signs at all of any problems or difficulties he hit all milestones ahead of time. The teachers have reassured me repeatedly that he is not doing it maliciously and always is very apologetic and they don't see any problem but I now have a horrible mother labelling him a bully at 3 years old and doing her best to victimise him and me by spreading malicious rumours. I just want him to be supported but I don't feel like he is. This is causing me some much anxiety and stress. I have arranged an appointment with school for me and my husband but of late I feel the kind support and back up I had from the teachers is now lacking.

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