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Title: Sibling rivalry

Details: Hi Melissa, I was really worried about how I and my first child would cope with the arrival of my second child. She is 9 months now and I have found it much easier than I thought I would. We did get a doll for our first child before she was born which seemed to get him used to how he should treat a new baby. Also, when she was born, I encouraged my toddler to help change the nappies by passing me things and dipping the cotton wool in the water etc. We talked about our newborn as belonging to all of us, so she was his new baby aswell. He has stepped up to the role very nicely of being the big brother, he is very nurturing towards her. Often if he is upset now it is her he wants to cuddle. He has needed lots of positive praise but it seems to have worked out well. We also felt it was very important for him to have as much physical contact with her as possible. Even from day one, unless he was actually hurting her, we have never stopped him cuddling and kissing her. She has also become pretty tough as a result. Hope this is of some help.

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