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Title: Baby sleep app

Details: Hi everyone, I have a beautiful 1 month old daughter who i adore very much, but getting her to sleep sometimes is an issue so i downloaded some white noise apps, problem is, i also have a nightlight on there too and i can't do both without turning the other one of causing her to wake up. However, looking on the market today i saw a new app that seemed too good to be true, but after downloading it and installing it, it's the answer i've been looking for. It allows me to have white noise on as well as a nightlight at the same time, but better than that there is a red light setting that allows me to check on my daughter without qaking her up! Plus it has toys on it and things for her to look at, it has been a godsend so i thought i'd share it with you lot, it only seems to be for android phones atm though, but i would think the developer will be putting it on the apple and windows stores at some point.

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