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Title: Choking

Details: Choking is a terrifying experience for both child and parent. Advice on action is, of course, of paramount importance. However parents should be aware that there is a product - openly available in every grocery outlet, newsagent, supermarket, petrol station - that is a significant - but unreported - choking hazard to our childrenm. Parents, just be warned. The product is a 'surprise' chocolate egg. The DTI advisers have found that the safety warnings (incidentally the only ones carried on any confectionery on sale in the UK) are frequently illegible as the foil outer is creased when wrapped round the chocolate egg. These products have resulted in the death of a number of children (3 in the UK) and a terrifying experience of choking in many, many others - happily saved from greater trauma by the intervention of an adult. Doctors, safety and consumer organisation throughout Europe would like to see such products banned but, sadly, legislators are not heeding this advice. So please just be warned - a little treat can cause death.

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