Weymouth Sea Life Park - Days out in Dorset

The Weymouth Sea Life Park is situated at Lodmoor Country Park, just outside the main town area. This is one of a number Sea Life Centres or Sea Life Sanctuaries dotted around the U.K. The Weymouth centre first opened its doors in the early 1980s.

It is set in a large park area and has a mixture of indoor and outdoor tanks. Children can fill in a quiz as they go round.


The centre is easy to get to and is on the A353 towards Wareham. There is a very large car park right next to it. The car park is shared by other amenities, so it can get full at times. It is a fair distance from Weymouth train station, but it is on a number of bus routes.

Viewing Time

The time spent at the Sea Life Centre will depend on how interested your family are in the exhibits. I would suggest allowing a minimum of two hours, while everyone should have seen enough in four hours.

Suitable Ages

Although the park is suitable for children of all ages I would suggest children between the ages of five and twelve are likely to get the most enjoyment out of a visit.


There are lots of different types of marine life on display at the park. You can see turtles, terrapins, seahorses, penguins, otters, seals and sharks. There are also rays, sea snakes, lionfish, porcupine puffer fish, moon jellyfish and octopus too.

The turtle sanctuary has an underwater walkthrough tunnel. This is an excellent way to view the turtles. The penguin and seal sanctuary also have underwater viewing windows.

You can take advantage of a number of different talks and also witness feeding time as well.

There is also a crab area where children can pick up and handle the crabs. This area also contains starfish as well.

Other Facilities

As well as giving you the chance to view all the marine life the Sea Life Centre also has a small splash zone with a pool, slides and jets. Therefore it is worth taking towels and spare clothing on warmer days.

There is also a rainforest area. This is housed in a hot and humid building and contains some of the plants and the sounds of a rain forest.

The Sea Life Park is also involved in various breeding and conservation projects. In fact the Weymouth park is renowned for its knowledge and efforts with sea horses.

Schools and Group Visits

The Seal Life Park is also available for school and group visits. Birthday parties are welcome too.

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