Natural History Museum - Days out in London

The Natural History Museum is in the South West of London. It is a short walk from South Kensington underground station.

Can You Park Nearby?

There is no car park at the Natural History Museum. If you drive there you will probably need to find some on street parking. If you are happy travelling on the London Underground, that is the easiest way to get there for most people.

How Far is it From a Bus Stop or Train Station?

It's a five minute walk from the nearest underground station (South Kensington). Buses stop more or less outside.

What was the cost for you and your family to enter the attraction?

It's free to get in. There are some exhibitions you can pay to see.

Type of Attraction


Is it Buggy Friendly?

No it is not buggy friendly. It can get very busy and some of the walkways are narrow.

Is the Natural History Museum an Indoor or Outdoor Attraction?

It is an indoor attraction.

What is the Ideal Age for Visiting?

I would suggest it is suitable for any child over four.

Can You Buy Food There?

Yes. You can buy food there. The eating facilities are not particularly large. On busy days you can queue for quite a time.

Are the Food Options Varied? i.e. Vegetarian

Vegetarian food is available.

What's it Like if You Take Your Own Food?

Yes there is an area set aside where you can eat food you have brought with you. Based on the food available to buy at the museum, taking your own food and drink can be a good idea.

Are the Toilets Clean?


Can You Do Everything in a Day?

No. There is so much to see. You could spend a week there! You might find it useful planning your trip. Look at the different sections on offer and discuss with your children which ones they would like to visit the most. If you live locally you can go back whenever you want to and explore more.

Although I have said you could spend a week there, it would be more accurate to say if you are interested in Natural History it is a place where you might never get bored. The variety on offer is incredible.

Do You Have to Pay for Activities on Top of the Entrance Fee?

There is normally an exhibition or two you need to pay to see.

What is the Best Bit?

I like the human body section. It has a number of interactive activities. It is one of those places where everyone is likely to have a different opinion. One of the biggest queues is in the dinosaur section. This is very popular with younger children.

What Would You Say to People Considering Going?

It can get warm and very busy inside. Be prepared to take your time. It is not a place to hurry round. It is difficult to suggest a time when the museum is not busy. If you get there early or stay late these are the best times for getting around. There doesn't seem a day of the week or a time of the year when the museum is not busy.

What "Unmissable" Bit Is There?

In many ways the whole museum is unmissable. There is not an area that really stands out. A number of the sections are very different and so it will depend on the interests of your children.

What Would Make it Better?

It would be great if there was more space, but the constraints of the building itself make this impossible. It's just a case of accepting the few niggles there and looking at all the good points it has.

What Did You Think of Your Visit?

It's simply a great day out. One of the things I like most about the Natural History Museum is it is as interesting for adults as it is for children. This makes it an ideal family day out. It may not offer the same excitement as a Theme Park, but it is an absorbing day out.

How Many Stars Out Of Five?

5 stars

Do You Have Any Final Comments?

If you become a member you get invited to special events. There are also a number of hands on activities that children enjoy.

What do You Think?

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