National History Museum - Days out in London

National History Museum is in the South West of London. It is a short walk from South Kensington underground station.

If you traveled to the attraction by car is adequate parking provided by the attraction?

Personally I wouldn't drive there. I would have found it difficult and expensive to park.

If you traveled by public transport, how long did it take to reach the attraction from the bus/train station?

It's a five minute walk from the nearest underground station.

What was the cost for you and your family to enter the attraction?

Its free to get in. There are some exhibitions you can pay to see.

Please briefly describe the nature of the attraction (zoo, farm etc)


How "buggy friendly" is the attraction?

No I would not say it is buggy friendly.

Is the attraction mainly outdoor or indoor? If outdoor, what indoor activities (if any) are available during bad weather?

It is an indoor attraction.

Can the attraction be enjoyed by all ages of children? If not, why not and what age is it best suited for?

I would suggest it is suitable for any child over four.

Can food be purchased at this attraction?

Yes. You can buy food there

Did the attraction cater for differing tastes i.e. Vegetarian, healthy food option?

Don't know.

Are there facilities for people wishing to bring a picnic to the attraction?

Yes there is an area set aside where you can eat food you have brought with you.

Did you find the toilet facilities clean?


Do you feel it is possible to see the whole attraction in one day?

No. There is so much to see. You could spend a week there!

Are there other attractions or activities to pay for in addition to the entrance fee (other than food and drinks)?

There is normally an exhibition or two you need to pay to see.

What was the highlight of the day?

I like the human body section. It has a number of interactive activities.

From your experience, what advice would you offer to other visitors of the attraction?

It can get warm and very busy inside. Be prepared to take your time. It is not a place to hurry round.

What areas would you suggest visitors make sure they experience, and why?

There is not an area that really stands out. A number of the sections are very different and so it will depend on the interests of your children.

What improvements could be made to make the attraction better, if any?

It would be great if there was more space, but the constraints of the building itself make this impossible. It's just a case of accepting the few niggles there and looking at all the good points it has.

Overall what are your feelings about the attraction?

It's simply a great day out.

Please rate this attraction out of 5 stars. (1 is poor and 5 is excellent). Please consider if you are rating a Zoo/Farm type attraction, take into account the apparent care of the animals as this would and should be a primary concern for the running of the attraction. For example the standard of the facilities for visitors at one of these attractions would probably not be the same as in a theme park.

5 stars

Finally, do you have any other information about the attraction that may be of interest to future visitors?

If you become a member you get invited to special events. There are also a number of hands on activities that children enjoy.


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