Legoland - Days out in Berkshire

Legoland theme park can be found on the outskirts of Windsor.

Car Parking

Lots of parking, Free.

What was the cost for you and your family to enter the attraction?

£31 for adults. Free for child with voucher. Legoland usually have lots of offers available during the year, so look out for them if you want to keep costs down.

Main Attractions

Theme Park

Is it Buggy Friendly?

It is buggy friendly with slopes as alternatives to steps

Is Legoland an Indoor or Outdoor Attraction?

Outdoor. There are some indoor activity centres and also some indoor shows, but wet weather is a problem.

What is the Ideal Age for Visiting?

Ideal for 3 - 8 years old. Children a couple of years older can have fun too.

Can You Buy Food There?

Yes, but it is very expensive and can add a lot to the cost of the day. I have to say though that the restaurants are always full, so people don't seem to mind paying.

Are the Food Options Varied? i.e. Vegetarian


What's it Like if You Take Your Own Food?

There are lots of benches around the park where you can sit and eat your own food.

Are the Toilets Clean?


Can You Do Everything in a Day?

Yes, although there is so much to do I have been back a number of times.

Do You Have to Pay for Activities on Top of the Entrance Fee?

Yes there are a small number such as panning for gold. At the end the child gets a medallion.

What is the Best Bit?

Hard to say, but my daughter always enjoys the shows.

What Would You Say to People Considering Going?

Get there early. The rides are likely to be quieter. Just as important the earlier you get there the nearer to the exit you can park your car. Get there late and park in the last car park and you can find yourself queuing for an hour just to leave the park.

What "Unmissable" Bit Is There?

Hard to say. There are so many different types of activities that some will suit some children more than others.

What Would Make it Better?

Less queuing to get out. A minor gripe, but some of the fruit they sell can be past its best. £1.39 for a small pot of grapes is pretty expensive, but when you find they have started to go rotten it is not very impressive.

What Did You Think of Your Visit?

It's a great day out. We have had a lot of fun there over the years and have returned time and time again. I would avoid baking hot days as with any theme park queues for rides can get long. Queuing on very busy days in excessive heat really can take the fun out of things! If you live locally then an annual pass is great value for regular visitors. This also entitles you to money off food and items in the many shops.

How Many Stars Out Of Five?

5 stars

Do You Have Any Final Comments?


What do You Think?

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