Alton Towers - Days out in Staffordshire

Alton Towers is in the middle of Staffordshire and is located between Uttoxeter and Stoke. It is handy for the M6 and the M1. Journey times include: London 3 hours, Manchester 1 1/2 hours, Sheffield 1 1/2 hours.

Car Parking

Lots of parking, plus a mini train to ferry you from the car park to the entrance. You do have to pay extra to park.

Can You Get There by Public Transport?

I'm not aware of any local public transport links.

Main Attractions

Theme Park

Is it Buggy Friendly?

The park is buggy friendly. It is a very large park though and I would be aware of this if you are thinking of pushing a buggy around all day.

Is Alton Towers an Indoor or Outdoor Attraction?

There are indoor shows, but this is really an outdoor attraction.

What is the Ideal Age for Visiting?

Personally I wouldn't take children under three or four. This is because it's not cheap to get in and I think there are more enjoyable and better value days out elsewhere for little ones. After that there is something for everyone.

Can You Buy Food There?

Yes. There are plenty of food outlets.

Are the Food Options Varied? i.e. Vegetarian

Never tried, but they do sell sandwiches and there is probably something there for the more health conscious.

What's it Like if You Take Your Own Food?

There are plenty of open spaces you can sit down and eat at.

Are the Toilets Clean?


Can You Do Everything in a Day?

Yes, but it is the type of attraction that you could spend two or three days at.

Do You Have to Pay for Activities on Top of the Entrance Fee?

Yes there are arcades and various games.

What is the Best Bit?

There are a number of good rides. I enjoyed the ones for older children and adults, especially Air, Oblivion and Nemesis.

What Would You Say to People Considering Going?

Get there early and leave late to make the most of it. Plan the rides you want to visit so that you can use all the rides in one area of the park before moving on to the next. Otherwise you could waste a lot of time going from one side of the park to the other.

What "Unmissable" Bit Is There?

There is something different for everyone. Although I like them more thrilling rides my daughter really enjoyed the shows for younger children.

What Would Make it Better?

I think it is pretty good as it is. Getting away from the park afterwards can take a long time simply because of the weight of traffic. I have never been there on a quiet day!

What Did You Think of Your Visit?

Very good family theme park. Plenty of fun and fresh air. You should sleep well after a day there.

How Many Stars Out Of Five?

5 stars

Do You Have Any Final Comments?


Your Views

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Alton Towers

Definitely , you are going to experience a best , even better thing in your life. Enjoy it.

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