A Day at the Beach

Summer is finally here and you decide the family need a day at the beach. Of course it's not like the old days, you, a towel and the flip flops were all that was needed. With the family you need a car full of gear for a couple of hours on the beach.

First Things First: Sun Protection

The first and most important thing for the beach bag is sun protection, anything else you can do without but you and your family must ensure you do not burn in the sun.

Be Prepared For a Drop in Temperature

It is often surprising how a hot day in the garden can turn out to be decidedly chilly on the beach, an onshore breeze can drop the temperatures considerably. Always ensure you have a jumper for the children if the temperatures suddenly drop.

Planning Your Visit

Most beaches in the UK do not have free parking, remember your change for the car park and it may be costly if you intend to be there for the whole day. Try and plan your journey to avoid the peak times, arrive at the beach early and leave late if possible.

Are You Going as a Single Parent?

If you are going to the beach as an individual parent with the children try and consider the logistics of the day. Try and get a spot near the toilets and take as few valuables as possible. If you need to leave your possessions ask a nearby family to keep an eye on them for you.

Check Unsafe Swimming Areas

Many beaches have areas that are unsafe for swimming so try and avoid these areas and ensure your children are aware of the dangers of the sea.

Check Tide Times at Your Beach

If your local beach is very tidal try and find the times of the tides, some beaches at low tides can provide 100s of yards of sand and very shallow waters which are ideal for the children.

Packed Lunches Can Save You Money

If you are able to carry it with you then take a packed lunch for the family. Food on the beach front is rarely cheap and of any quality. Take plenty of water as you and your family will need plenty of hydration on a hot day.

Find a Quiet Beach Area

Try and select a quiet area of the beach as it will be far less stressful keeping an eye on your children as they play near or in the water.

Take Care with Inflatables

Do not allow your children to play in inflatable boats unless you are with them, they can easily be blown out to sea.

Sun Tents Protect the Very Young

If you are going to the beach with a baby or very young child then a sun-tent is a great idea, these are very light and offer fantastic sun and wind protection.

Rubber Shoes Can Be a Good Idea

If your children are keen to play in the rock pools or the beach is very stoney then a pair of Jelly Bean (Rubber Shoes) will provide their feet with good protection.

Watch Out for The Power of the Sun

Do not underestimate the power of the sun, a cool breezy day at the beach is the day when you and you children are most likely to burn. Keep the sun protection liberally applied especially after swimming in the sea.

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