Monkey World - Days out in Dorset

Monkey World is in Dorset and near Wool and Wareham. Monkey World is set in 65 acres and is home to over 150 primates. Monkey world works in conjunction with governments all around the world stopping the illegal smuggling of apes.

Car Parking

Plenty of free parking.

What was the cost for you and your family to enter the attraction?

An adult ticket is £10.00, child (over 3) ticket is £7.00. Family tickets are £30.00 for 2 adults and 2 children.

Please briefly describe the nature of the attraction (zoo, farm etc)

The attraction is home to a large number of primates, many are rescued animals from around the world and many are born at Monkey World.

Is it Buggy Friendly?

Very. There are quite a few hills!

Is Monkey World an Indoor or Outdoor Attraction

90% outdoor with exception of restaurant and a few indoor viewing windows, these get busy especially when it is raining.

What is the Ideal Age for Visiting?

Yes - there is something for all ages with many different playground and climbing areas.

Can You Buy Food There?

Yes - 2 cafes. Plenty of seating.

Are the Food Options Varied? i.e. Vegetarian

Yes. Salads and jacket potatoes available. Salads started at £3.50 and jacket potatoes started at £3.00 plus toppings.

What's it Like if You Take Your Own Food?

There are many tables around the attraction with some undercover. You could even take a blanket and picnic on some of the grass areas.

Are the Toilets Clean?

Very clean.

Can You Do Everything in a Day?

Yes. I would suggest you could see the attraction in 3/4 hours.

Do You Have to Pay for Activities on Top of the Entrance Fee?

Yes. A few arcade games and a small go-kart track (over 5s).

What is the Best Bit?

My particular favourite is the Nursery area where the babies are kept.

What Would You Say to People Considering Going?

Wear some walking shoes or trainers.

What "Unmissable" Bit Is There?

Visit the adoption centre, it is quite upsetting but you may feel like helping Monkey World by adopting a primate.

What Would Make it Better?


What Did You Think of Your Visit?

Monkey World is very clean and is in a beautiful setting. The primates have large enclosures so you feel they are well cared for. You can read about each individual primate and you realise the rescued apes have often had terrible lives before being brought to Monkey World.

How Many Stars Out Of Five?

5 stars

Do You Have Any Final Comments?

Visit Monkey World

What do You Think?

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