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Lapland Holidays

Lapland holidays and day breaks are very popular for families with children. This gives little ones a chance to ride with reindeer and meet Father Christmas in his own, natural surroundings. For many children a Lapland holiday is an experience that they will remember fondly for years to come.

All children get to meet Father Christmas. This is likely to be the centre piece of any visit. Other activities include reindeer driven sleigh rides, snowmobile rides, husky dog sled rides, plus various snow activities such as tobogganing, snow-shoe walking and kick-sledging. For any adults wishing to ride a snowmobile a full U.K. driving license is required.

Flights are available at a number of airports around the U.K. Flight times will vary depending on where you are flying from, but flight times tend to between three and four hours. Transport is laid on at the destination airport to take you to where any activities will be taking place.

How Long to Go For
If you are planning a day visit you will need to catch an early morning flight. This is typically between seven and eight o'clock. After arriving at the destination you will have a visit time of around three and half to four hours. Flights typically arrive back in the U.K. between nine and ten o'clock at night.

As you can see a day trip is a very long day for little ones. Therefore an option to consider is turning the trip into a short break. Three night stays are popular. These give you two full days in Lapland plus worthwhile parts of two further days as well. You could also consider a full seven day break.

If you do decide to stay for longer then you have a choice of accommodation. This can be in a hotel, chalets or log cabins. As you can imagine, without a supermarket handy food is provided either at the accommodation or locally to where you are staying.

For a day trip prices are normally around the £400 mark. Many tour operators offer special offers including free places for children. For longer breaks expect to pay a minimum of £700 per person.

Other Points
Err… It's cold! In December you can expect temperatures to range between -7°C and -35°C. To protect your skin and lips moisturisers are recommended. Owing to the likelihood of water based ones freezing oil based moisturisers are suggested. Some tour operators provide thermal suits and boots on arrival. Please check this when arranging your visit. Even if your operator does provide thermal clothing it is worth checking exactly what is included. For example it could be just a suit, leaving you to make your own arrangements for essentials such as boots, hats, gloves or scarves.

Be aware daylight hours are limited. Depending on your travel times you may find the sun setting fairly soon after your arrival.

If you are planning to take a camera then you are likely to need to take precautions against the freezing conditions. You are also likely to find that any batteries soon lose their power in such cold conditions.

Lapland is part of Finland and the currency used is the Euro.

Passports are required for all members of your party.

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