Head Lice Solution

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The Hairforce

'This is a breakthrough answer' Dame Anita Roddick, Founder of the Body Shop. We are called The Hairforce. We are a nit and lice removal service. We are a completely unique service - there is nothing like us. Instead of spending hours and hours battling nits and lice, and then finding weeks later that they are still hanging in there, our highly skilled Lice Assassins do it all for you. We clear by hand - no chemicals or treatments are used. We are equipped to clear - lice hoovers, specialist lighting, magnifying visors, nit combs and tweezers, plus a streak of ruthlessness to go with them. While we clear, your child is treated like the most important person in the world - comfy in a specialist chair, and entertained with the latest computer games. The Hairforce Lounge is in Primrose Hill, London, NW1, and we make In-Home visits, and take our service into schools in the North, West and Central London areas.

Link: Visit Website
Contact: Dee Wright
Phone: 07720 838 271
Location: Greater London
Prices: £20 to £90
Age Ranges: 0 - 18

Nitty Gritty

Nothing else works like the amazing, award-winning Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb. A quarter of a million families already love the NitFree Comb, because it removes all head lice, nits and 'live' unhatched louse eggs quickly and easily and without using any nasty pesticides! Along with Nitty Gritty's Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution and Repellent Spray, it comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee, and is available from a growing number of high street pharmacies, including Boots and Lloyds, as well as online (at www.nittygritty.co.uk). 'The NitFree Comb is an absolute breakthrough for families,' says Amanda Coplans, one of the three mums who started and still run Nitty Gritty. One NitFree serves a whole family, and it works brilliantly with just your own hair conditioner. It's kind to kids but as tough as old boots, too! That's why, if you ever manage to break it, and not many people ever do we send you a brand new one to replace it free of charge.

Link: Visit Website
Contact: Amanda Coplans
Phone: 020 7229 7775
Location: London
Prices: £9.99 to £27.99
Age Ranges: 0 - 18

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