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Drama Lessons for Children
Dance lessons are ideal for children who want to perform. They boost confidence too. This article helps you find a drama group to suit the needs of your child.

Dance for Children
Dance is fun. There are so many benefits of introducing your child to dance lessons at an early age, but the biggest one of them all is that your child is likely to get a great deal of enjoyment from the classes. This article explains the benefits and some of the things you can expect from a dance class.

Activities for Confident Teenagers
Everyone would like their children to sail confidently through their teenage years. Here are eight social activities that you can work on before they become teenagers. Building skills in these activities will help them to look cool in the eyes of their peers and keep their confidence high.

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If you are looking for help to get your children actively involved and having fun then take a look at our activities section.

Involvement in sports help children to make friends, learn news skills and also increase their confidence levels. As a child increases in confidence unexpected benefits are often seen in other areas of their lives. For example you are likely to see an improvement in attainment at school.

Being involved in sports and activities is not reserved for the very best. A child is likely to gain a great deal of enjoyment simply from being involved.

Tips for Selecting the Right Activity for Your Child
. Not all children are the same. Therefore you may find your child will excel at different activities from the run of the mill sports and hobbies such as football or music.

. Try to get friends involved. This can help to maintain your child's interest. It can also make the process easier for you as you may be able to lift share and take turns in ferrying the children to practice sessions and events.

. Ask your child if they would prefer to get involved in team sports and activities or would prefer individual pursuits.

. Always try and support your children whenever you can. Always do your best to attend special games and performances.

. Take time to select the right tutor or coach for activities such as music, drama and sports. Ask to sit in on early sessions and make sure you are happy with the way your child is being taught.

. Sometimes kit such as instruments can be expensive. Sometimes it is possible to hire equipment before you buy. This way you will be able to see if the activity is something your child is likely to stick with. Make sure they will be going for a while before you buy the full uniform.

. Check to see that coaches and tutors are properly qualified. Try to find out if they have been established for a worthwhile period. Paying more for a good quality coach is more beneficial than paying little for a poor one.

. Don't be afraid to ask for references.

. Ask them to explain how your child will develop. For example will there be competitive matches, performances or exams available.

. If your child is quiet it has been suggested that they tend to be happier becoming involved in a specific activity such as learning a musical instrument or playing a sport rather than being involved in a general group such as Brownies or Cubs.

. Find out early if groups your child may like to join at an older age have waiting lists. Even activities such as Brownies and Cubs have waiting lists in many areas.

. If you are moving to a new area never take for granted that all the sports and activities your child currently enjoys will be available in the area you are moving to.

. Some activities such as horse riding include an element of danger. Check to make sure children are properly supervised and not given too much freedom before they are ready for it.

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